I have read few fanfictions that mention Turles, and I have yet to find a fanfiction that centers solely on him.  Since this site is devoted to this severely overlooked character, it was a must that I include a fanfic concerning the events that happen in his life before he appears in The Tree of Might.  Each of the different parts can stand alone as its on separate fanfiction.  Now, this is a major work in progress, at least from my point of view, and I would sincerely appreciate your patience along with any comments or suggestions you may have.  Enjoy!


          Part 1--Unwanted   **Completed**
A Saiyan is born on Vegetasei.  Branded weak and doomed to die, he is without a friend in the world.  One man has the guts to go against the odds and save this rambunctious baby.

Chapter 1          Chapter 6
Chapter 2          Chapter 7
Chapter 3          Chapter 8
Chapter 4          Chapter 9
Chapter 5          Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Timeline (To Chapter 11)
Updated to the current chapter.  Also features events that happen in the original story but were not written into the         fanfiction.

          Part 2--Survival and Capture
Euthanasia, the destruction of Vegetasei--Turles managed to escape both, but now he is left alone on a new planet with new dangers to face. 

Chapter 1

Part 3--Power Struggle

Part 4--Search for a Seed

Part 5--A New Search

Story Notes -- **Coming Soon** If you couldn't guess from the title, these are my notes for Power Struggle.  Basically, they show how I chose the names for my characters and what those names mean.  I'll add my outline and character descriptions later on when I get a decent chunk written. (No spoilers for you!  Ha ha ha!)

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